Advisory Council

The Institute depends on thoughtful counselors who have devoted their lives to the advancement of classical liberal education. They represent a variety of institutions and areas of expertise, as well as a diversity of viewpoints - yet all share a commitment to excellence.

Mark Bauerlein, Ph.D. »

Department of English Emory University

Peter Berkowitz, Ph.D. »

Senior Fellow Hoover Institute

Philip Bess, Ph.D. »

Doctor of Humane Letters University of Notre Dame

David Bobb, Ph.D. »

President, Bill of Rights Institute

John Briggs, Ph.D. »

University of California-Riverside

Paul Carrese, Ph.D. »

Arizona State Unviersity

Daniel Coupland, Ph.D. »

Dean of Faculty, Hillsdale College

Barbara R. Davidson »

President of StandardsWork, Inc.

Timothy Fuller, Ph.D. »

Political Science Department, Colorado College

David Hardy »

Founding CEO, Boy’s Latin of Philadelphia

Leon Kass, Ph.D. »

Addie Clark Harding Professor Emeritus

Peter Kanelos, Ph.D. »

Founding President, The University of Austin

Wilfred McClay, Ph.D. »

G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair

Carol Reynolds, Ph.D. »

Music History at Southern Methodist University

Angela Sailor »

Vice President of The Feulner Institute

Bernhardt Trout, Ph.D. »

Molecular Engineering Laboratory, MIT

Peter Wood, Ph.D. »

President, National Association of Scholars

Bradford P. Wilson, Ph.D. »

Executive Director, Princeton University


In collaboration with the Great Hearts Institute, these intellectuals and scholars are contributing coursework, lectures, research, and publications in support of parents, teachers, and school leaders involved with K-12 education.

Owen Anderson »

Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies ASU

Jeffrey S. Lehman, Ph.D. »

Graduate Director, Classical Education University

Angel Parham, Ph.D. »

Associate Professor, Loyola University

Matthew Post, Ph.D. »

Director of Classical Ed., University of Dallas

Gregory Roper, Ph.D. »

English Department, University of Dallas

Adam Seagrave »

Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Brian Williams »

Dean, Templeton Honors College