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Every renaissance carries the best of the past into new frontiers. Drawing upon ancient wisdom, contemporary scholarship, and nearly two decades of experience at Great Hearts Academies, Great Hearts Institute is renewing the tradition of classical education by directly supporting educators, school leaders, and families. Our work includes:

  • The National Symposium for Classical Education, an annual forum for the classical movement at large, featuring the finest research and training the movement has to offer.
  • VIRTUE, a free quarterly magazine with dispatches from the cutting edge of the classical renaissance. Sign up or browse back issues here.
  • Exceptional scholarly articles and talks from Advisors, Fellows, and Symposium presenters.
  • A regular blog, including book reviews, teacher interviews, scholarly insights, and more. Read it here.

Great Hearts Institute is also home to curriculum resources such as Amy and Leon Kass’ landmark What So Proudly We Hail, and a wealth of networking and professional development opportunities for classical educators.

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